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Grand Tour of Switzerland

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland the journey is the goal. This route will lead you 1000 miles through four language regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two biospheres and along 22 lakes. This tour provides a concentrated insight into Switzerland, with exquisite scenic views and cultural jewels.

The Highlights on the route

Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe
Stand above Europe’s biggest waterfall and let your whole body feel the power of the water – you can experience this at the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen.

Stein am Rhein
At the point where Lake Constance becomes the Rhine River again, you will find the little town of Stein am Rhein. It is famous for its well-preserved Old Town featuring painted facades and half-timbered houses, for which it received the very first Wakker Prize.

Saurer Museum Arbon
The Saurer museum is located in Arbon, a lovely holiday place next to the lake. There is an almost complete collection of motors from the famous Saurer Motor works on display.

UNESCO World Heritage Abbey District

The cathedral represents one of the last monumental Baroque monastic constructions in Europe and is the most famous landmark of St.Gallen.

Abbey Library St.Gallen
The Abbey Library numbers among the oldest and most beautiful libraries in the world. The rotating exhibitions of valuable manuscripts and original documents provide an insightful look at St.Gallen’s monastic culture.

Textile Museum St.Gallen
The Textile Museum St.Gallen shows exhibitions on Swiss textile production. Linking the past to the present gives surprising impressions of how the industrial section has developed and what its perspectives are likely to be.

Mount Säntis
To see Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy all at the same time - this can be accomplished from the 2502-meter-high Mount Säntis.

Facts and figures:

Places: Schaffhausen – Stein am Rhein – Kreuzlingen – Romanshorn – Arbon – St.Gallen

Travel time: 1 day

Journey time: whole year

Transportation: Car, bus, train

Points of interest:

Rhine Falls
Stein am Rhein
UNESCo World Heritage Site St.Gallen