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Textile meets school

"Textilland Ostschweiz" is producing issue 1-2013 of the instructional booklets "Aktuell" for upper secondary level, in collaboration with Lehrmittelverlag, publisher of teaching materials, and the Teachers' Association of St. Gallen Canton, as well as the Textile Association of Switzerland and member firms and specialists.

The publisher Lehrmittelverlag, of the Canton of St. Gallen, has been publishing the journal "Aktuell" on behalf of the St. Gallen Board of Education for 40 years. A booklet of about 30 pages about topics of current interest, devoted to the aims of the curriculum, appears four times a year for upper secondary level pupils. A teaching-materials commentary is issued with each booklet providing aids to its use. This series of booklets is available in all the German-speaking cantons by subscription or as individual issues.

The 1-2013 issue is dedicated to the theme of industrialization. This is presented using the example of the textile trade, the driving sector for industrialization in Switzerland. The workbook shows the fascinating and formative history of the textile trade with its great diversity, the long, successful and widely varied traditions of the textile center of Eastern Switzerland, and the current market and present state of the economy, as well as current innovations and contemporary job profiles. Thus, the booklet can also serve as an aid when choosing a career.